Are Putting Mats Helpful for Golfers?

3 Jun

Putting is an integral part of golf, but it is hard to get good at it. The best place to learn how to putt is on a putting green. Unfortunately, some people don’t have one at home, and even if they do, the green is easy to damage. Because of this, many people are buying and using putting mats as an alternative. But how good are home putting mats? Will they improve the way you play golf?

How does a Putting Mat work?

Golfers use an indoor putting mat as a training tool and a piece of sports equipment to help them make putts. The player puts the ball at one end of the mat and tries to putt it into a golf cup at the opposite end of the mat. Some putt mats have lines on them to help you aim and judge how accurate your putt is.

Some putting mats have holes or golf cups at the end of a raised section. Many people don’t understand why this is, which seems to baffle them.

At first, these slopes were meant to help the golfer hit with a firm stroke and make it easy for the golf ball to roll back to the golfer so they could hit it again. However, rhis has changed by the technology behind golf mats. A golf mat with a slope and camber rate that can be altered to practice putting in different situations can now be used instead.

Why Should You Use Mats?

1. You can practice anytime

Let’s face it: trying to get better at putting at night or in bad weather is complex and not what a golfer wants to do. However, with a putting mat or fake grass, you can work on your putting at any time and weather.

2. Regular Practice

I like to use a putting mat to practise putting for ten to fifteen minutes before going to bed. I can do this at home very quickly with a putting mat, so I am much more likely to do it every day. If I had to go to an actual golf course every day or practise outside in my garden, I would be much less likely to stick with it (in my opinion).

3. Getting more confident

If you can practise regularly at home, you’ll soon find that you have a lot more confidence in putting. Those tricky eight- to ten-foot putts will seem much easier to make with all the practice you’ve been doing. Golf is all about repetition and building muscle memory, which is easy to do by putting on a mat every day.

4. Better Alignment

Most high-quality putting mats will have different lines to help you line up your putt and follow through. This can be as simple as a white line going up the middle of the putting mat.

By looking at this white line, you can also tell if you hit the golf ball in the direction you wanted to.