How to find your GPS location in your phone

3 Nov

If you are lost, don’t panic! You have your phone on you, so you should be able to locate yourself with the GPS tracker located inside your phone. However, depending on your brand of smartphone, you may have to follow some different steps to find your GPS location on your phone. In this article, we are going to cover all of the popular brands of smartphones and the steps you need to take to find your GPS location in those phones. So, without further ado, let’s get started!…

Go on Google Maps

If you’re using a mobile device, go ahead and launch Google Maps—you can locate yourself on its map as easily as you would any other point of interest. From there, just click Your Current Location. If you’re not on a mobile device, Google Maps offers similar functionality. Just make sure that your browser is enabled with JavaScript (and cookies) before proceeding; if it isn’t, use another browser or check out Google Earth for an equally helpful solution.

Search near me

Finding a store or other business with an app can be difficult if you aren’t sure where you are. Many apps allow you to search for businesses near a particular address or intersection; simply enter that information, and browse for nearby merchants. The App Store and Google Play are full of such apps, including those from major brands like Domino’s Pizza, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Jamba Juice.

Click on the three dots next to Your Current Location

Once you tap on those three dots, you will be able to select how precisely you want Google Maps to pinpoint your position. There are four options: My Location, which is selected by default; From Here, a close approximation of where you are located; From Current Location, which uses information from nearby WiFi and cellular towers; and Off-Road (only if you’re using an Android device), a GPS setting that allows navigation without cell or WiFi reception.

Select How do I share my current location?

If you don’t have any applications that can share your location, or if you just want to see where someone else is, head over to Google Maps. Once there, click on Current Location at the bottom of the screen and you will see a map with a blue marker showing where you are.

Copy the link provided by clicking Share address and copy link.

You can copy a link for Google Maps and paste it into any app that uses an address, such as Facebook. To do so, tap Search or go to Google Maps and click in the text box, select What’s here? > Share address. This will open sharing options, where you can share via text message or email by copying from one screen and pasting on another screen. Tap Copy link.

Paste the link into a text message, email, chat, or WhatsApp message.

You can share URLs by pasting them into a text message, email, chat, or WhatsApp message and sending it to someone else. To do so: select Copy on your iOS device and then select and paste as you would any other content. For example, if you want to copy a URL from Safari for pasting into an iMessage conversation with a friend, press and hold on to Safari’s URL bar, then tap Copy.

Share your location with anyone you want!

Do you want to share your GPS location with someone? No problem. You can access it at any time, no matter if you’re using an iPhone or an Android smartphone.