What’s the best way to use an android phone?

15 Mar

What’s the best way to use an android phone? There are lots of ways to use an android phone, but there are some that are better than others. Follow these tips for the best experience on your new android phone.

Why it’s a great idea

The thing is, I don’t think there’s one best way to use your Android phone. Here’s why: Different people rely on their phones for different reasons—and it makes sense that everyone will have a different favorite way of doing things. Some people want a home button, some want a back button, and some folks like swiping down from top-to-bottom for something called Recents—I just call it my running list of recently used apps. Others want tablet mode or dual-screen mode or split-screen mode. Others still prefer to run older versions of software (though Google doesn’t support these anymore). In short, each person has different needs. That said, here are three ways you can start using your Android phone right now —regardless of how unique your workflow might be.

How can you do it?

To get around your Android device, you’ll be using just a few buttons. For example, when you first turn on your new Android device, there are three buttons that appear on-screen: Back, Home, and Recent Apps. By default, Back will take you back a screen or remove whatever it is you have open. A home gets you back to your home screen. Recent shows you all of your recently used applications. That’s pretty much it for navigation controls; everything else should be handled with taps, swipes, and presses of touchscreen icons. Here’s how: … [bulleted list]. Now, if only there were a keyboard… There is! Well, sort of. If you long-press on any text field (that means tapping until something pops up), then you can start typing straight away – as if you had a full physical keyboard in front of you. It’s not quite as good, but it’ll help in a pinch.

There we go! Enough of that crap, let’s talk about games. Games are one area where it seems like every app developer wants their wares seen by users – so getting featured by Google Play has become increasingly difficult.

The Nitty Gritty Details

There are a lot of options in each of these categories, but we like Google Voice. It allows you to have one number ring multiple phones (like your work and home phones), send free text messages and voicemails, and transcribe your voicemails into text so you can read them whenever you want. The app itself is easy enough for a newbie smartphone user to figure out; all calls from any device go directly to Google Voice’s servers. To make outgoing calls, simply hit # on your keypad—that will call Google Voice at no cost to you. The texts that Google sends you when someone leaves a message at your Google Number also come with handy transcription links (and still function as texts). It also integrates seamlessly with Gmail, making it easy to call or text anyone who has opted-in to receive messages via their own Gmail accounts.