9 reasons why you need an iPhone 12 mini

17 Mar

Over the years, Apple has released a number of great products that have changed the way people use their phones and computers. Apple’s latest innovation, however, maybe the most exciting one yet. The iPhone 12 mini has brought touchscreen technology to a whole new level with its incredibly responsive design and customizable features. Here are 10 reasons why you need an iPhone 12 mini in your life!

1) Superior Camera

Apple made a big fuss about its neural engine, which is capable of processing five trillion operations per second. This allows for incredible image quality, as well as some pretty slick AR stuff. Expect to see more apps (and new uses) arise from that neural power. It’s also got an unbelievable camera—the front-facing camera has eight times better light sensitivity than last year’s model and is said to have improved low-light performance.

2) Clear and Bright Screen

The first reason is that a bright and clear screen can make us see things clearly. For example, when we’re driving at night, we can use our phone to read street signs that are harder to read with our naked eyes. A clear screen also makes people look better when they take pictures or send their photos to others. The quality of photos taken with the iPhone 12 mini is much better than those taken with other phones.

3) Better Battery Life

The battery life of any phone these days is impressive, but no matter how much a manufacturer claims their phone will last, there are always those moments when your handset dies inopportunely. The small size of the iPhone 12 mini makes it perfect for one-handed use, but it’s also got great battery life. You can watch videos and play games for hours without worrying about draining your power.

4) Durable, lightweight frame

No matter how much fun you’re having, accidents do happen. The best way to stay safe is to have a phone that’s tough enough to take a beating. The sturdy, yet lightweight frame of our new iPhone 12 mini will protect your phone from accidental drops and can even withstand a few dings without any problem. No more cracked screens!

5) Robust wireless capabilities

The high-powered wireless capabilities on your iPhone allow it to connect with networks around you, even when you’re out of range of a Wi-Fi network. This means that whether you’re at home or in a coffee shop with dozens of networks fighting for connection, your device will be able to connect and get online quickly. As soon as Wi-Fi is available again, it will automatically reconnect to that network instead.

6) Lightning-fast Face ID system

The innovative technology of Face ID unlocks iPhone effortlessly by simply looking at it, said Apple in a press release. Face ID on iPhone is state-of-the-art biometric authentication made simple and is more secure than Touch ID. It’s even safer than your passcode because it recognizes whether you are looking at your phone or not.

7) Excellent sound quality

The sound quality on your phone will always be limited by its size, but Apple has done some excellent work to squeeze as much fidelity out of its devices as possible. The iPhone’s dual stereo speakers deliver surprisingly impressive sound for a phone, making it more than suitable for watching videos or listening to music in bed. You can also connect your device directly to home theater systems and other high-end audio equipment.

8) Siri that helps like your best friend

Siri is able to hold a conversation, which gives it some advantages over Alexa and Google Assistant. Siri has more personality than its competitors—you can ask it to tell you jokes or remind you of upcoming appointments with your friends and family. Plus, because Apple’s digital assistant is natively integrated with your phone, there are hundreds of ways Siri can help make your life easier. Simply put: You don’t have to use it just for making voice calls (although there are plenty of reasons to do that).

9) Apple Pay compatibility

This is a big one since it will make your life a whole lot easier. In addition to credit cards, many US banks support Apple Pay—so if you already use Apple Pay on your phone or computer, then there’s no reason not to do so on your watch as well. Just remember that if your bank supports Apple Pay but only via apps (e.g., if you still have to enter the card information manually), then it won’t work for purchases on your watch.