How to connect tv to wifi without remote?

16 Feb

If you don’t have the remote, do you find it difficult to connect your TV to the wifi network? Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you in any way we can. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of connecting your Samsung, Sony, Insignia, or Hi-sense TV to WiFi without using the remote control.

As a professional team for mounting TVs, we will also provide some advice for problem-solving in the event that you have any difficulties. Continue reading for instructions on how to connect your TV to wifi without remote, which is useful in case you’ve misplaced it or just don’t want to use it.

How does one connect a TV to wifi without a remote?

If you do not have a remote control for your TV, you can connect a USB keyboard and mouse to the TV. Once those are connected, you can use the mouse to navigate to the WiFi settings on the TV and set up a connection to your wireless network. If you do not have a remote control for your TV, you can connect a USB keyboard and mouse to the TV.

You can control your TV by connecting a USB mouse to it.

The vast majority of televisions sold nowadays have USB connection ports either on the back of the device or on one of its sides. These are often supplied so that you may connect your storage devices, such as a hard drive or a USB flash drive, and play the data on such devices. Examples of such storage devices are flash drives and hard drives.

To navigate the user interface of some smart TVs, you may use a mouse and keyboard that are linked to the TV.

If you want to check whether or not your TV will let you do that, you need to get a USB keyboard and mouse and then connect them to the TV’s USB ports. Utilizing the mouse and keyboard will allow you to test the TV’s detecting capabilities. If it does, go to the WiFi settings on your TV and connect it to your network.

Join your television set to your router Utilizing a Cable for Ethernet

In the event that you do not have a USB keyboard or mouse on hand, all you need to do is connect the TV to your network using an ethernet cable.

Checking to determine whether your TV has an Ethernet connection is the first step. They are often easy to recognize, but in the event that you are unclear, you may refer to the image that is shown above.

If you have a TV, you should have an Ethernet cable that is sufficiently long so that it can connect from your router to the TV.

Choose the one that is the longest possible for further protection, and then connect one end of it to the router and the other end to the ethernet connection on the television.

Check to see whether the internet connection on your TV is operational once again.

You may take control of the TV with the Companion Smartphone App. Instead

You will be able to utilize the companion programs that are included by the majority of firms that produce Smart TVs on your smartphone to operate your TV after it has been linked to the internet.