Building a Great Workplace: What HR Does Behind the Scenes

4 Jan

A company is only as good as its people. Human resources professionals work hard behind the scenes to attract and recruit the most qualified candidates to join an organization. This requires staying on top of the latest sourcing strategies and recruitment platforms while maintaining a deep understanding of the company’s talent needs. Once candidates are identified, HR coordinates interviews, evaluates applicants, negotiates competitive job offers, and manages onboarding to ensure new hires integrate smoothly. One of the most vital yet unseen tasks HR handles is getting exceptionally gifted workers through the door in the first place.

Promoting Professional Development 

Outstanding people want opportunities to learn, grow and advance their careers. Savvy HR departments facilitate promotion from within by identifying high-potential employees and mapping out customized training and development plans. This includes access to mentorships, educational workshops, industry conferences, skills certifications, tuition reimbursement programs and more. Investing in the continual growth of staff at all levels means companies equip their people with emerging capabilities to meet tomorrow’s business needs.

Cultivating Company Culture

Nowhere is HR’s influence more evident than in shaping an organization’s culture. HR establishes and reinforces corporate values, codes of conduct, and communication norms that characterize a company’s distinctive workplace environment. This culture of collaboration and excellence permeates all levels, from new hires to executive leadership. HR spearheads diversity and inclusion initiatives to ensure all employee voices are represented and heard. When conflict arises or policies are violated, HR steps in to de-escalate tensions and enforce standards aligned to company principles.

Administering Impactful Benefits

An attractive suite of benefits goes a long way in retaining top performers, and no one works more closely with finance to fund and manage employee benefits programs than HR. From enrollments to change management, leaves and life events, HR professionals handle benefits administration with understanding and efficiency. According to the good folk at VertiSource HR, competitive health and wellness perks, retirement savings plans, employee assistance resources, and work-life balance policies show how much a company values its hardworking staff.

Supporting Managers as Leaders 

Exceptional frontline managers directly influence team morale, effectiveness, and business outcomes. That’s why HR makes managerial support an urgent priority. Leadership training equips managers with behavioral tools and techniques to engage their direct reports. HR professionals coach managers through delicate disputes, talent gaps, or transitions to help prevent costly employee relations issues. Managers learn how to align individual development goals to business objectives, control absenteeism, optimize schedules and give feedback that motivates them. Bolstered by HR’s steady guidance, managers gain confidence to lead high-performing teams.

Navigating Evolving Labor Landscapes 

HR maintains keen oversight of emerging labor regulations, compliance mandates and market trends that impact their workforce – from minimum wage hikes and payroll legislation to automation and the gig economy. Keeping current enables HR to advise senior leadership on optimizing roles for technology or human effort as operational needs shift. HR also spearheads internal surveys to gather employee perspectives and stay responsive to changing attitudes and expectations. Though largely invisible to the average worker, HR’s behind-the-scenes due diligence equips companies to adapt for whatever the future brings.


A stellar HR department attracts top-tier talent, nurtures career growth, shapes an empowering culture, administers impactful benefits, develops managers into able leaders and helps organizations nimbly evolve. Relentlessly building a skilled, satisfied workforce and protecting what matters most – the people – means HR lays the indispensable foundation for constructing any great company upon, even if much of that work goes unseen. When it comes to cultivating an exceptional place to work, HR is the true power behind the scenes.

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